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Single-crystal X-ray structure determination service

Characterisation of samples using single-crystal x-ray diffraction is currently the favoured method for both definitive sample identification and in-depth structural analysis. Using this technique a three dimensional structure is obtained which provides information on molecular identity, conformation, and packing.
Currently the service runs samples on our Oxford Diffraction Supernova dual wavelength diffractometer. This instrument is fitted with cutting edge hi-flux molybdenum and copper micro-focus X-ray sources which approach rotating anode intensities. The instrument is fitted with an Oxford Cryosystems variable temperature device which allows collection of data on crystals within the temperature range 80 K - 500 K.
We offer a full range of services from unit cell measurement, through full structure determination and hand determination for chiral molecules to variable temperature experiments. In each case full interpretation of data by our staff crystallographer is offered resulting in a standard crystallographic information file (CIF) or you may choose to solve and refine data yourself in which case standard data (HKL and INS files) will be provided with guidance if required.
We have experience in handling a wide range of compounds from small organic materials to heavy metal complexes and clusters including air-sensitive materials.

In order to submit samples you need to provide us with sufficient quality single crystals. You should bring your sample down to Fraser in Room 89 between 11am and 12pm where they will be checked for quality. Once they have been given the nod you should fill out this form in duplicate at which point we will assign sample codes and enter your sample into the queue.

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