The Parsons Group


Welcome to the Parsons Group Website. Within these pages you will find information on our members, our research, contact information and some of the more recent publications from the group. We currently have two open PhD positions in the group, they can be found here:

3D electron diffraction in high nuclearity coordination chemistry at University of Edinburgh on

Breaking the 10 GPa 'Pressure Barrier' in Organic Solids at University of Edinburgh on

We are one of a very few groups in the world to be engaged in the study of the effect of pressures of 1000s of atm on the structures of molecular compounds. We are currently focusing on organic and magnetic systems, while also investigating whether pressure can be used to fine-tune metal extraction processes. This pioneering step in Gigapascal Chemistry hopes to make metal extraction more selective and more environmentally friendly. We are part of The Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions (CSEC), a World-leading centre of excellence for extreme conditions science, equipped with state-of-the-art diffraction, computing, magnetism and spectroscopy facilities. High pressure can be used as a direct probe of structure-property relationships, particularly in coordination compounds, where properties including magnetism and colour are intimately dependant on pressure-sensitive structural features such as metal-ligand bond distances and angles. 

Below is a picture of the current group at the European Crystallographic Meeting (ECM33) in Paris 2022